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Fire Fighting Buggies

We have six off road fire fighting buggies equipped with and "around the pump type" injection foam system and 620 imperial gallon water tanks. Each unit carries 90 gallons [2-45 gal. drums] of foam. Each unit is equipped with a folding 1250 imperial gallon portable tank that is carried on the side of the working deck to be used at any location when it is required. Each buggy is also equipped with two hose reels, one for 5/8 hose and one for 1 1/2 hose. This speeds up the retrieving of hoses when a move is necessary. The portable tanks can be used as a relay system or as a containment for helicopter water support. We also carry a supply of hoses and nozzles for each unit along with trash pumps and 2 hoses for self-loading. All of our fittings are forestry adaptable.

Wildfire Fleet

6 Units Available

Wildfire Fleet

Fire Fighters

Fire Fighting: Chisholm Alberta

Fighting Fire with Foam


The men are able to fight the fire off the rear deck as guard railings are situated around the deck. The units can also be used as a regular water hauler if the use of foam is not required. Three of the units have an enclosed three-man cab with all of the safety features recommended by law. The fourth and fifth units have open cabs, equipped with the roll over protection type canopy and only one seat for the operator. Two of thses buggies can be hauled on one lowboy.