Off Road Rental Fleet

Specialized Equipment

Special equipment may be mounted to suit any application, such as:

Fuel Tank Buggy

Buggy with a Fuel Tank

Unit 1: Cargo Unit

Personnel Carrier

12 Man Personnel Carrier

Unit 3: Personnel Carrier

Cargo Units - Units 1, 2 and 3

These units are diesel powered with a carrying capacity of 10 000 pounds payload. When fully loaded this puts approximately 5 pounds per square inch of ground pressure. The units are available with cargo boxes. The cargo boxes can be replaced by a 12 man personnel carrier when required. Cargo boxes can also be fitted with 750 gallon tanks, pumps and hoses suitable for carrying water or fuel in off road areas. They can also be used in the winter for the construction of ice roads. The cargo boxes can also be covered by fitted tarps for protection from the elements. These units have an enclosed cab with heat. Equipped with front mounted winches.

Picker Unit

Knuckle Picker

Unit 4: Picker Unit

2000 Pound Picker - Unit 4

This unit has an open cab with rollover protection. It is equipped with a knuckle boom picker and an open cargo box. It is powered with a 300-6 gas motor and equipped with a front mounted winch. It is a HAP 21 Picker with lifting capacities of 950 kg. @ 25'2" to 4260kg @ 5'7".


10' X 10' Flat Deck

Unit 5: Flat Deck

10' X 10' Flat Deck - Unit 5

Equipped with a rollover protection and a front mounted winch. The unique characteristic of this unit is its 10 X 10 flat deck used for hauling a variety of supplies.

Water Hauler

Water Hauler

Unit 6: Water Hauler

Water Hauler - Unit 6

This unit is presently equipped with 800 gallon water tank. It is good for the construction of ice roads as the tank is heated by the buggy's exhaust which in cold weather makes it less troublesome handling water. There is a pump mounted on the rear of the unit and a spray bar to distribute the water equally over the width of the buggy. We also have a cargo box to fit this buggy should the need arise. Equipped with a front winch.

Small Buggy

Small Buggy

Unit 7: Small Buggy

Small Buggy - Unit 7

Carrying capacity of 2000 pounds powered by a 4 cylinder gas engine and a four speed manual transmission. Suitable for two men that have smaller loads such as surveyors etc. It has front a rear locking differentials for true positive traction. Equipped with a front winch.



Unit 8: Kubota

Kubota - Unit 8

This is a hydrostatic four-wheeled drive unit with a 1500 pound carrying capacity with seating for two men. There is a front rack and a rear cargo box for tools. This unit has a three cycle Kubota diesel engine, power steering with the capability of two or four wheel drive. Equipped with a front winch.

Suburban - Unit 9

The CT8 provides an efficient solution for crew and personnel transportation for off road or sensitive environments. With comfortable seating for up to 5 people, quick crew transfers regardless of road conditions are possible in almost any industry that operates in off highway situations. Ground disturbance is minimized and destruction of right of ways is eliminated by utilizing a flotation radial tire.

6 x 6 Transporter - Unit 10

The Lite 6 x 6 transporter is designed to transport up to 7500 kg and 6 passengers in marginal terrain. By utilizing a 3 axle articulating and oscillating frame configuration. This high flotation vehicle provides efficient transportation and mobility into remote or problematic terrain. Proven and common components are used throughout the construction of the Lite 6 x 6 to provide reliability and ease of service. The lite 6 x 6 can be configured to service a variety of applications with pickers, winches, gin poles, tanks, pumps etc.