Ice Roads & Leases

Northern Roads on the Muskeg

Alberta and BC's muskeg prevents access to some oil leases by conventional means. These sites are left for winter access via an Ice Road. Brydun's buggies build the ice roads by spraying water over the top of muskeg or peat after freeze-up. The buggy is then driven back and forth to push in the frost and pack the snow, which can sometimes be packed without the use of water. The result is a solid base that trucks with heavy loads, such as rigs, can travel on.

The Right Equipment for the Job

We have installed a 750 gallon all steel baffled tank. This tank can be loaded by either a 3-inch hose from a water truck, or self-loaded by our 2 inch Honda trash pump. The mounted Honda trash pump is also used to distribute the water quickly and uniformly. The tank can be filled in approximately 4 minutes and emptied in 9. We have also installed adjustable halogen work lights so we may work easily in the dark.