Erosion Control and Geotextiles

Easy Geotextile Deployment

Brydun Oilfield provides Geotextile services specializing in erosion control. This includes the laying of geosynthetics and erosion control blankets. Seeding and fertilizing services are also provided.

Laying of geotextiles in soft terrain can be simplified by the use of Brydun's picker buggy. The buggy is equipped with the HAP 21 PICKER. The picker can load and distribute the rolls of geotextile as required. The picker has a lifting capacity between 4260 kg and 950 kg at a full extension of 25 feet. The picker can lift the geosynthetics from a low point to the top or side of the grade. By being able to precisely place the roll in its proper position simplifies the layout and sewing process.

Picker Unit

Laying Geotextiles: Fort McMurray

Picker Hauling Erosion Control Blanket

The buggy's capability of carrying 12 rolls of woven or non-woven geosynthetics on the deck minimizes travel to the staging area, allowing more time in the laying process. The versatility of the buggy allows for geotextile deployment on soft ground and muskeg.

Trained Operators

Brydun's trained operators also assist the labour portion of the contract.

We are also experienced in laying erosion control blankets (ECB) complete with ditch barriers and silt fencing. Seeding and fertilizing services are also offered. Our seeding and fertilizing equipment ranges from hand seeders to quad mounted seeders to a 90 horse Valmet tractor equipped with dual tires. PTO operated 3 point hitch seeder pulling a full set of spring harrows. The tractor can seed and fertilize approximately 25 hectares a day depending on terrain.